Renewal’s beliefs can be summarized as evangelical, Reformed, and continuationist.

Evangelical because at the heart of all our beliefs is the Gospel of Jesus Christ – the marvelous truth that Jesus died and was raised so that sinners could be reconciled to God.

Reformed because we are committed to the doctrines of grace and an unshakable belief that the Bible is the sole infallible source of truth of authority.

Continuationist because we believe that the supernatural manifestations of the Holy Spirit, commonly referred to as the “gifts of the Spirit,” are both active and to be sought after in the church today.


The Statement of Faith affirms the church’s commitment to sound biblical doctrine and to the core beliefs to which it is committed. Christianity involves essential truths which are taught in Sacred Scripture and are meant to embody our faith and guide our practice. These truths—which reveal the nature, character, work and promises of God in the gospel—form the foundation of our faith and the center of our fellowship.

The theological distinctives within the Statement of Faith reflect what distinguishes Renewal Church from other churches who would affirm the basic doctrines. These distinctives indelibly shape the way that Renewal is led and the direction the church is headed. We do not expect all members to embrace all aspects of these distinctives, but members should expect that the distinctives will be maintained in all ministry environments at Renewal, and members may not teach contrary to them.


We uphold the following six values at Renewal Church: